While employing everyday language and easy terminology, our goal is to help you to make an informed financial decision.


Why should I choose to do business through you instead of going to the bank directly?

We offer Choice, Credibility, Competence and Convenience that are unrivalled in the UAE mortgage market. UAE has many banks and financial institutions offering mortgages. Each bank has its own products, policies and pricing. In a competitive market, any bank's policies continue to be dynamic and, at any given point in time, finding the best deal is a daunting task. We not only offer you the choice of all leading products under one roof which can save a great deal of time and energy, but also having a decade of UAE mortgage and banking market experience, we have an insider's view of the market. We have developed a structured approach to help you choose the right product based on your profile. We offer professionalism in maintaining the confidentiality of your financial information, which leads to a very convenient mortgage experience.

How much fee do you charge for your service?

Mortgage Finance is a high value, long term financial decision and we understand that you will be incurring more than 7% of the property purchase price as transaction costs. Hence, we have priced our services nominally so we create a win - win situation. This keeps our team members motivated to provide the right service quality. We also run promotions from time to time, so we request you to please call and check for the latest offers. Given our hands on experience from within Mortgage Banking Industry, we do bring in a lot of value by helping you take an informed long-term financial decision.

Can I know the maximum amount I can borrow before finalising my property?

Yes, you can. In fact, we recommend that you should get a Pre-Approval based on your current financial position, so you are clear with your property purchase budget before you start looking for properties.

Is obtaining Pre Approval expensive? Can I decide not to purchase the property after obtaining Pre Approval ?

The cost of obtaining Pre Approval is nominal and varies from bank to bank. We can help you with the best possible Pre Approval offers in the UAE mortgage market. The Pre Approvals normally have the validity of two to three months. In case, you don't utilize your Pre Approval within the validity period, you lose the nominal Pre Approval Fee. If you are able to identify the ideal property for your requirement within the Pre Approval validity period, your Pre Approval Fee gets adjusted against your Final Approval Fee.

Can you advise us on what properties we can buy?

We are business partners with trusted / licensed real estate brokerage companies, further, our expertise will be instrumental in guiding you to choose the best property within your budget.

What is fixed rate mortgage and what is variable rate mortgage?

In a fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate or profit rate doesn't change throughout the tenure of property finance. However, in variable rate mortgage, the rates are market linked and revised by banks from time to time. Nowadays, the part-fixed, part-variable rate products are very popular. They offer fixed rate for first few years, post which the rate is market linked.

What are the costs associated with property purchase in Dubai ?

The following are indicative costs associated with property purchase.
- Real Estate Broker Commission - 2% of property purchase price (indicative).
- Land Department Transfer Charge - 4% of property purchase price
- Land Department Mortgage Registration - 0.25% of the Finance Value
- Developer NOC Cost - varies from Developer to Developer
- Banks Processing Fee - 1% of Finance Value (varies from bank to bank)
- Property Valuation Fee - AED 3,000 (varies from bank to bank)
- Life Insurance Cost - To be indicated by the insurance provider
- Property Insurance - To be indicated by the insurance provider

What happens when the property evaluation is lower than our property purchase price?

We recommend you negotiate better when finalising the property and ask your broker to advise you on the recently traded prices of similar properties in your neighbourhood. In certain cases, you may even need to arrange extra cash to compensate for the shortfall in the property evaluation.

Do you provide Islamic Mortgages too ?

We deal with all leading banks and financial institutions in UAE and offer Islamic Mortgage products like Ijarahs and Murabahas along with conventional mortgage loans.

I have few more question to ask you.

Please feel free to call or write to us and we will more than happy to assist you.

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