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Healthy Financial Decision

Author: 4C Mortgage Consultancy | Category: Blogs | Date: February 2, 2017

  This year, let’s have the resolution to have a secure grip on our finances. And let us adopt one new money habit today and drop the one that’s been holding us back. To protect the financial future, one needs to identify bad financial habits and understand the ways to avoid those inaccuracies on a Read More...

Buy your Off-Plan Property in Dubai with Mortgage

Author: 4C Mortgage Consultancy | Category: Blogs | Date: October 23, 2016

  Islamic Finance in Dubai Buying an off plan with a mortgage, buyers have the option to choose between the conventional product and the Islamic finance product in Dubai. Now if we talk about Islamic Finance, indeed has emerged in the market as a stranglehold within the overall Islamic finance region. Islamic Finance works differently Read More...

Buy v/s Rent a Home in Dubai?

Author: 4C Mortgage Consultancy | Category: Home Loan Broker | Date: April 16, 2014

Dubai is one of the top cities of the world to live in and we are fortunate to reside in it. On an ongoing basis, many new professional expatriates arrive in Dubai with a planned financial savings objective of 2-5 years. But once you have completed 2 years, departing becomes a distant dream. In fact, Read More...