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Things to Consider when getting a Mortgage in Dubai

Author: 4C Mortgage Consultancy | Category: Blogs | Date: December 6, 2016

Nowadays, most people opt for a mortgage to buy a property in the UAE, for a very unpretentious reason- mortgage products offered are in the buyer’s interest. But will this endure in 2017? We need to be observant. When we actually plan to step on the property ladder, one need not only to shop for Read More...

Win Your Best Mortgage Interest Rate

Author: 4C Mortgage Consultancy | Category: Blogs | Date: April 26, 2015

When you buying or refinancing a house, there are two important factors one would like to understand from a mortgage lender after submitting the pre appraisal income credentials. First how much one can qualify for and second about an interest rate spread for the loan tenure. To get a hold of cheaper monthly payment you Read More...