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Transfer Existing Mortgage/Equity Release to another bank/ financial institution

Transfer Your Existing Mortgage

Given the fluctuations and variety in mortgage rates, it may turn out to be quite likely that you may be dissatisfied with your existing mortgage finance terms; and you may be considering transferring your mortgage commitment to another bank or financial institutions. This is yet another area where our experts at 4C can help you to make a well-informed choice. Remember that most banks and financial institution would like to retain you and hold you to your existing mortgage product. This explains why they set high mortgage transfer charges. Please be sure to review your existing agreement to understand the cost of transferring the mortgage.

Most people avail finance at expensive rates without tapping into the positive equity of their property.
At 4C, we can help you to get the funds that you need at attractive terms against your property's equity value even if your property is already mortgaged.

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