While employing everyday language and easy terminology, our goal is to help you to make an informed financial decision.


Mortgage & Home Loan in Dubai

At 4C, our service programs have been carefully formulated to help you understand even the most complicated financial products in the simplest possible terms. While employing everyday language and easy terminology, our goal is to help you to make an informed financial decision. For each of our focused customer segments, we offer a specific expertise set that can best cater to their short-term and long-term requirements.

Mortgages for First Time property buyers

Taking that first step can be exciting, while still being fairly besieged by doubts, uncertainties and a need for professional guidance. At 4C, we recognize that a complex choice like mortgage finance can be really simplified if you have the right advisor on your side.

Mortgage for Buying Residential Property

In the UAE, more than 20 banks and financial institutions offer a variety of mortgage products. Each of these banks target a specific customer segment and formulate mortgage products that are aimed particularly at that segment,

Mortgage for Buying Commercial Property

Banks are understandably very selective when financing commercial properties. Therefore, it is wisest to look for properties in commercial projects that have already been approved for end user financing by banks.

Transfer Existing Mortgage to another bank/ financial institution

Given the fluctuations and variety in mortgage rates, it may turn out to be quite likely that you may be dissatisfied with your existing mortgage finance terms;

Cash Finance at Low Rates against Existing Property

Most people avail finance at expensive rates without tapping into the positive equity of their property.

Mortgages for Non UAE Residents

Quite naturally, UAE banks are extremely cautious and very conservative when financing Non Resident customers. In fact, very few banks and financial institutions offer financing to Non Resident customers.

Mortgages against Under Construction Project

In UAE, banks are very selective when financing off plan projects, not every lender does it, but with our extensive networking we get you the best possible mortgage options for under construction property.

Project Finance

We assist our client in developing and planning strong financing structure of capital intensive project, from the planning stage to the completion, from residential to commercial development.

Portfolio Management

We provide the full range of investment solutions in order to maximize returns and enhance asset value of our clients.
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